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THE STUDIO OSD Art is a Digital & Design studio, that combines spotless, coherent design with innovative digital solutions in web and mobile application development fields. We design brand identity and transform it into compelling digital strategy. Our commitment to beautiful, memorable design and flawless execution empowers us to be professional, creative, adaptive and personable. We do not follow common cliches and stereotypes, but help our clients stand out from the crowd.
THE STRATEGY We carefully analyze the brand strategy and create solutions that are tailored to your target audience and follow company guidelines. Our areas of expertise include brand identity, content strategy, graphic design, web development, user experience and illustrations. We can integrate illustrations almost any medium including impactful website design, corporate visual style, and marketing campaign. There are no limits to the variety of illustrations we create - from comics to hyper realism art.
THE TEAM We are a tight-knit group of experts and industry professionals with extensive international work experience. Collaboration is the key to truly inventive product thus we involve whole agency into the process. Most importantly, we are extremely passionate about fine-grained details and strive to achieve absolute perfection in everything we do.
THE PROCESS We thoroughly structure agency processes to achieve maximum quality within specified time. There is never a detail too small. Our deadlines are hard, and we closely monitor project’s schedule in order to meet those deadlines.